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Directors:  TBA

Screenwriters:  Richard Hocutt, Mark Landre Gould

Genre:  Dramatic Narrative


BLACK BALL is a prime time, sixty-minute period drama for cable that, much like Mad Men, captures a pivotal slice of 20th Century America and explores the turbulent events leading up to the Civil Rights movement of the early 1960s. Rich in characters and situations that are accessable to modern audiences, it transcends the obvious and quickly delves into a deeper treatise on the true psyche and soul of America.

Daddy's Little Girl

Directors:  TBA

Screenwriter:  Richard Hocutt, Mark Landre Gould

Genre:  Dramatic Narrative


A unique, gritty character based horror-thriller, Daddy’s Little Girl tells paradoxical stories over concurrent and multiple timelines; the psychological torment of a young woman’s reawakened repressed childhood memories of her serial killer dad using her as bait to kill his victims; and a father’s attempt to save a daughter struggling to deal with reality and seemingly lost to addiction.  Where does the truth lie?  

Daddy’s Little Girl explores the premise that there are three sides to every story; yours, mine, and the truth… a relentless roller coaster ride of emotion all the way until the final scene.





Directors:  TBA

Producers:  Richard Hocutt, Mark Landre Gould, Shonna Jordan

Genre:  60min Reality Show


Voluntourism is a one hour reality show that cross the line of helping people and experience

a new cultures around the world by giving though our personal gifts and experiencing vacations in a whole new way.

What is this phenomena that is taking over the world? Peoplefrom almost every country have a desire to help one another as the world has become more and more divided.  Volunteering is changing and Organizations aren’t wanting people to just come in and give money, or spend two days building a home, then leave. 

Sustainable living is the proven formula where Volunteers bring their expertise to help and train.  Partnering up.


Meanwhile every country wants people to experience their culture and the Travel & Tourism directly contributed $2.6 trillion –equivalent to the size of the UK economy.  They want Volunteers to not only see the bad part of their country but see the beauty.

Big Mike's Beer Run

Directors:  TBA

Producers:  Big Mike, Richard Hocutt, Mark Landre Gould

Genre:  30min Reality show


Undiscovered brew pubs and micro breweries in America need to be exposed. Big Mike’s show brings you brew, pubs, grub and the loveable bear himself…. Big Mike, the expert. Big Mike takes us to places most people don’t know about, and  features some of the finest beers around the world. Meet the Brew Masters and let Big Mike show you why you need to visit them, whether it is for their exceptional brews, the food pairing, or just plain good ol’ fashioned entertainment. 

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