Mark Landre Gould, Director and Producer

Mark Landre Gould is a writer,

director and producer creating

stories that run the gamut of

genres yet transcend filmmaking

formula. His passion for film has

been the force behind his career, his

experiences, and his artistry.


Mark graduated from the world-renowned California Institute of the Arts with a Master of Fine Arts Degree. Upon his graduation from CalArts, Mark was hired as a music video producer by Doro Productions, one of Europe's top video production companies.  From there, his achievements as a producer allowed Mark to expand his experience into directing. He directed a series of music videos for the international market and collaborated with other directors and producers on projects in both Europe and the United States. Emboldened by success and fueled by his passion to tell story, he brought his experience to Los Angeles, California. There, he directed Banging for the Calle, a documentary about the streets of Los Angeles and the Latino youth who grow up there.  

Mark expanded his reach in the Los Angeles artistic community even more by working for over six years in the Latin rap industry. Among his projects, he directed and produced three videos that gained national success with over 50,000 DVDs sold, over a million views on YouTube, and well-received exposure on Netflix. With his increasing involvement and understanding of Los Angeles, Mark added writing to his cache of experience. He wrote the theatrical film Street Stories, a story that explores the complex relationship between gangs, at-risk youth, and the Los Angeles Police Department.

In the midst of pursuing his own artistic endeavors, Mark was brought on by Cort Howell Productions, one of the most successful independent infomercial marketers and producers of all time with campaigns generating over $2 billion in sales. Additionally, he edited, directed, and produced over a hundred episodes of the TBN television show Education: A Higher Calling.  In 2017 Mark helped produce the documentary, Women Like Us, which shows how women are making a change in the world today.

In 2018 Mark completed his first feature film, Gone Are the Days, where he was Director, Producer and Editor.  The movies success caught the eye of Grindstone/ Lionsgate who picked it up for distribution.

In 2007, Mark co-founded Directional Entertainment, LLC with business partner Richard Hocutt to create content for both theatrical release and television.  To date, Directional Entertainment has produced work distributed by Grindestone/Lionsgate, Netflix and Thomas Nelson. 


Richard Hocutt is a 30 year entertainment industry veteran.  He was deeply involved in independent music distribution, promotion and marketing of Rap & Hip-Hop music, as well as deep catalog sales, in the early 1980's and 1990's.  From 1990-97, he was the Executive Vice President and General Manager of the West Coast branch of Independent National Distributors Inc. (INDI), the first national pre-recorded audio wholesaler. 


Prior to his tenure with INDI, he was COO of California Record Distributors, Inc., one of the premier regional independent music distributors, and pioneers of many of the viral marketing techniques still utilized to reach modern music consumers in a digital world.  Since his departure from INDI in 1997, Richard has continued to advise music acts, labels, and artists as an independent consultant,

and manages a catalog of masters and

music publishing through Bess Music.  


During his tenure at both CRDI, INDI and beyond, Richard helped promote, market, sell, and develop artists as diverse as; Run-DMC, Ricky Skaggs, Ice-T, NWA, Nashville Bluegrass Band, Tito Puente, Salt-N-Pepa, Sublime, BeauSoleil, Robert Cray, Aswad, Queen Latifah, Alison Krauss, George Howard, Ben Lee, Anita Baker, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, PJ Harvey, Hieroglyphics, George Thorogood and Creedence Clearwater Revival.  


In 2007, Richard co-founded Directional Entertainment, LLC with business partner and director Mark Landre Gould. 

Directional Entertainment is a film production company created to craft character driven theatrical film and cable television series productions.  Directional Entertainment’s philosophy is built on creating socially relevant projects

that engage and challenge a diverse

community through the visual arts.