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Directors:  TBA

Screenwriter:  Richard Hocutt, Mark Landre Gould, Tricia Woodgett

Genre:  Dramatic Bio Picture


In the vein of critically acclaimed and commercially successful musical
biopics such as Ray ¸ Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman the Mahalia
Jackson biopic strips away the public veneer of one of the most beloved
entertainers of all time, and exposes the triumphs and heartbreaks of the
little orphan girl from New Orleans who ended up singing for Presidents,
Kings and Queens.

Harry Belafonte once described Jackson as “the single most powerful Black woman in the United States.” Mahalia is being produced along side with Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifiah, Holly Carter, Richard Hocutt and Tricia Woodgett.

Side Hustle

Director:  Mark Landre Gould

Screenwriter:  Richard Hocutt, Mark Landre Gould

Genre:  Comedy/Drama- Depending On Who You Ask


Yori and Nico are your typical twenty-somethings of the 21st Century. Hustlers who’ve figured out how to make bank after the ’08 crash; through connections, cocaine, and grinding. The “Fake it ’til you make it” generation, and in the immortal words of Lt. Aldo Raine, “cousin… business iz a boomin’.”. 


Our intrepid entrepreneurs enter a world of greedy agents, crooked handlers, shady cops and notorious Mexican Drug cartels all vying to control the lucrative trade. What could go wrong? A lot. I mean, it worked out for similar characters in films like “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “War Dogs” and “Money Ball” didn’t it? Well, at least all those films made money. Serious money.


SIDE HUSTLE weaves a fascinating tale of what happens behind the scenes of a world that Major League Baseball would rather keep a dirty little secret.

El Grandpa

Directors:  TBA

Screenwriter:  Marvin Eliu Garay, Marlon Garay, Mark Landre Gould

Genre:  Comedy


El Grandpa is not about a cranky old man, nor is it about wrestling, or money; it’s about family. In a society worried about toilet paper, we forget about the most important thing, relationships. Grandpa has always been consumed with himself, some may even say he’s a borderline narcissist. So, what will it take to change a 72- year-old multi millionaire’s mind? Well, a good ass whipping brought to you by the world of Mexican Wrestling and the love of some dysfunctional friends who want to help.

El Grandpa is a comedy with a serious undertone that uses quirky characters and absurd situations to drive the story.  Similar to LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, it’s not about winning or losing it’s about the characters coming together in the end.  We chose wrestling, like NACHO LIBRE, to elevate the dramatic comedy in order to drive our point about friendship. Putting our characters in chaotic situations, like the THE HANGOVER, allows the audience to root for this mixed band of brothers, and one sister.  Put all of this together, and we have EL GRANDPA.  

Rickett's Park

Director:  Mark Landre Gould

Screenwriters:  Monte Lance Gould, Richard Hocutt, Mark Landre Gould

Genre:  Comedy/ Coming of Age


Rickett’s Park is a coming of age feature length dramedy film, set in 1987.
Our characters are caught in a transitional period, where societal lines are starting to blur between urban America and small towns. The style was quirky and for a group of kids living in Farmington NM, even more so. With MTV in every household, NWA on the radio, and a basketball court in the dead of summer, Rickett’s Park is an ‘80’s slice of life that pays homage to classic coming of age films, viewed through a modern lens.

Grappling with a changing world, and developing bodies, a group of teenagers on the cusp of adulthood turns what should be a time of work into a party-filled transitional summer, that will change their lives forever.