is an Urban American story about women struggling to survive in a world stacked against them, and echoes such critically acclaimed films as “Short Term 12”, “Thirteen” and “Precious.”
Produced By:
Richard Hocutt
Mark Landre Gould

A hardened social services caseworker teams up with an underprivileged teen and an embattled police officer suffering from PTSD to work on an unusual community service project.


A random videotaped incident of police brutality results in the suspension of LAPD officer Sarah Schafer, an Iraqi war veteran secretly suffering from PTSD and saddled with caring for her invalid father Fred Schafer. To save her career, she is forced by her watch commander to participate in an unorthodox mentoring program for at risk inner-city youth; STREET PROJECT. Sarah’s bull-headed personality immediately conflicts with no-nonsense social administrator, Juanita Tate, an inner city community activist tasked with making the project successful. Sarah chaffs at the idea of babysitting street-tatted Alycia Gonzales, a soft-spoken honor student expelled from school for stabbing a classmate with a pencil. Unaware that Alycia’s rough outer appearance stems from the fact that her mother, Rosie Gonzales, is a drug-addicted stripper living one step ahead of eviction or death, Sarah treats Alycia like any other perp, with little compassion. Left with no alternative but to complete the program to Juanita’s satisfaction, and trapped in the claustrophobic confines of a patrol car, the realities of Sarah and Alycia’s lives collide as they embark on a path of personal discovery set amid the backdrop of the mean streets of Los Angeles. But the streets so often have the last say, and circumstances beyond their control places both of their lives in jeopardy.