This television series shines a light on baseball's "Negro League" and how this little known part of American history helped to usher in the Civil Rights movement.
Produced By:
Richard Hocutt
Mark Landre Gould

World War II is finally over. Millions of servicemen are returning home to a world far different than the one they left. As America struggles to regain its sense of normalcy, the seed of the Civil Rights movement is beginning to take root, not through signs, rallies, or speeches, but through one of the most unlikely places; Baseball. 


BLACK BALL is a prime time, sixty-minute period drama for cable that, much like Mad Men, captures a pivotal slice of 20th Century America and explores the turbulent events leading up to the Civil Rights movement of the early 1960s. Rich in characters and situations that are accessable to modern audiences, it transcends the obvious and quickly delves into a deeper treatise on the true psyche and soul of America.